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Angel Cloud Formation

Going through a spiritual awakening can be a very confusing, challenging and scary process. Everything you thought you knew about yourself and your world comes crashing down. Your belief system will be challenged as you struggle to align with your heart and the new way you view the world. Many people around you and their connection with them can become difficult to be around. It can be a very dark, lonely place, often feeling as though you have no one to turn to. There are often difficulties in managing the emotional and physical experience.

When you book in for ascension coaching, you will be received with love, compassion and understanding as you learn how to connect with yourself and your spirit team on a deeper level. You'll learn tools and techniques unique to you to ensure you are comfortable with the process, along with management of your energy. You'll have an opportunity to speak openly with no judgement about specific areas you are having difficulties with. We will work together to ensure that your spiritual awakening is a more positive, flowing experience than you may be currently experiencing.

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