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Meet Abby

Abby is our managing director and lead holistic healing facilitator specialising in the support of emotional health, guiding and holding hands through life’s challenges with a gentle and heart centred approach. She has a unique way of bringing clarity and understanding to complex situations and thought processes.  She has a spiritual connection which helps delve deep into the psyche to explore the hidden depths of mental and emotional blockages.

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My Story

I started Loving Light Healing Ltd in January 2021, a year after the progression of my spiritual awakening. Prior to this I was working as an income accountant for a Central London NHS Trust. Though it was a wonderful place to work, where I was met with love, support and compassion, given the space to heal and grieve with understanding and acceptance during some difficult times of my life, it wasn't the career path I knew I was destined for.

It was during the turbulent times of 2020 when my spiritual awakening had heightened, a slow process from 2017 though I didn't realise it at the time. I was going through some very difficult and painful life changes, with lockdown giving me the space to navigate my psyche in depth with no external disruption.

I followed my inner compass, the voices and nudges of my guides, my intuition. In September 2020 I set up my Instagram account, having the courage to put my spiritual knowledge and the process of my journey out into the ethers. If I was going through this experience, then surely others were too? I wanted to create a new community, and also use this as a channel to promote my services, which started as offering only psychic readings, expanding my services as my confidence and skillset grew. I knew I was on my destined path, as as soon as I posted my first Instagram advert, I received my first booking within the first 10 minutes, and my second booking 10 minutes after that.

In the following months I decided to set up a limited company, leave my full time job and contract part time so I can navigate this new aspect of myself, throw myself into my own emotional healing, and focus on growing my own business. It's safe to say I've been very blessed to be able to support and nourish the hearts and minds of many. The heartwarming feeling of most of my client base being returning customers reassures me that I'm providing the necessary support.


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