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2022 in Review

It’s been a very, very turbulent year. Thankfully no trauma involved, but I have had what feels like many false starts. Things were good then the brakes were put on…a continuous cycle throughout the year.

In February I got the opportunity to present my first workshop on how to deal with setbacks for a youth football team in Derby. I put together a wonderful presentation of which the client was very happy with. The first time I had done anything like this, and a push out of my comfort zone as once upon a time I would want the ground to swallow me up standing up in group settings! I now see the irony of spirit getting me to present this at the start of the year!

In June I lost a dear friend of mine who I’d known since 2009 to Cancer. A week later I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat, Daisy, who I still miss dearly. She was suffering illness so I made the difficult decision to have her put down; she was 13 and had a neurological condition causing her to lose all dignity and independence. It was the kindest thing for her. We shared a special bond, and was my biggest comfort in life.

This summer saw my biggest breakthrough. I was given the opportunity to take space at a busy market area in Central London, which was a huge challenge for me, but I managed it! Never having done anything like that before, usually turning up to an already prepared room, the work weekly, and daily, in preparing my space to read was a challenge, but then came a flood of incredibly grateful clients, making the hard slog well worth it.

A week after I pitched up at this location, I was taken ill, bed bound for pretty much a week. The shock of reading for a few clients a week to around 10 per day was a huge drain on my energy. A lesson for me here that the financial benefits weren’t worth the outweigh of ill health. I persevered at the location for a couple of months, but things started to go incredibly wrong, from weather conditions to the revocation of my card processing services so I took the sign from spirit and decided to end my time at the location. My mental health and physical health was starting to take a turn so I quit while I was ahead. I realised that the space wasn’t adequate for the intricate way I like to provide services, including the ambiance of space and privacy to the client being of the utmost importance to me. An important lesson for me to re-establish why I do what I do, and the ways in which I wish to carry this out.

On the back of this, I spent weeks putting together a business plan to see if I could finance my own healing space. I found an affordable location, I’d costed every detail, picked my colours, and everything I would need to purchase. After 6 weeks of an agonising wait, the plan was rejected by the finance company. A huge blow and caused a downward spiral, as I know what I’m capable of, and know how many people would benefit from this space. I let myself crash and burn. I didn’t even want to find an alternative way forward. I just wanted to be. Spirit sent me an influx of clients around this time who I’d seen at the Central London location to help soften the blow, and received further clients through recommendations on the back of this. This gave me a perspective shift and trust in spirit that my needs will always be taken care of.

After suffering illness in August, I finally got to take a few days away, for the first time since October 2019. The visit was to the beautiful coastal location Lowestoft. As soon as I arrived at the station it somehow felt like home, as though I’d been there before. Instantly the fresh air and sea breeze hit. Arriving at our accommodation, my friend and I immediately headed to the beach with a bottle of Prosecco and some snacks, giving thanks for all of life, and each other. I needed some recovery time and I certainly received it here. I asked my friend to take a photo of me meditating on the beach, and as she started to take the photo, horses and their riders came walking right behind me. I could feel the movement on the ground from these beautiful majestic animals, as they transferred their beautiful healing to me. It was a beautiful weekend with wonderful company and healing.

As winter was looking bleak, I’ve ended the year having received some special healing that I’d been calling in. All of this has enabled me to have faith, trust and belief.

May you be blessed with much love, abundance and good health

✨💛✨ Abby ✨💛✨

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