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If you're a visual person and like to receive healing through visual means, I am able to produce art work that is in line with your soul to bring some healing into your every day life. Whether you would like healing or encouragement, I can create a piece of art that resonates uniquely with your soul.

I connect in with your higher self, tuning into your emotional body, creating a piece you will be able to

connect with. As I paint, I infuse the art with reiki and healing energy.

The pieces of art come in various sizes, with the most popular being A5 (postcard size).

All pieces come framed in a choice of three colours, except for canvas.

If you'd like me to commission a piece of healing art for you, email
letting me know your requirements. Before payment is accepted I will confirm my availability and give and estimate on turnaround time.

Postage costs will be added onto the total cost, varying dependant on where you are in the world.

Full quote will be provided upon request.

Previously commissioned work displayed below.

All images subject to copyright. If sharing please credit:
Loving Light Healing Ltd
Instagram: @loving_light_healing

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