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What is a twin soul connection? It's a spiritual connection between two people who share the same spiritual blueprint, with the chakra system being shared between the heart and the third eye. One very old soul split into two separate physical bodies; the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. They are tasked with healing themselves after briefly reuniting together as one to kick start each others spiritual awakening with specific codes, for this special moment in time here on Earth; to raise the level of consciousness by sharing their loving hearts with themselves, each other and the world, to raise the vibration of Mother Gaia. You signed up to this journey long before your time on Earth for this very special mission. 

Each story and timescales surrounding the journey is unique, however one consistency is the healing journey itself; the painful triggering, the push and pull as each of you navigate life as individuals. What does all of this mean? 

Healing Journey

Before you meet your twin in this lifetime, you would most definitely have faced some adversities and traumatic experiences, most likely from early age. Although each of your experiences are likely different, you will share the same fears and on some level the same way of operating. It's all exciting at first. Each connection has a story to tell of how they met which will be unique. You will have a sense of familiarity with your person. You will feel relaxed, comfortable, you'll feel like a child again. You'll feel excitement. You'll see a bright future with this person. Everything is well. You've found yourself in another form.


And then comes the difficult bit. All of a sudden this person is whipped away from you; your comfort blanket removed. Why? Because the whole point of meeting your twin soul is for them to awaken you. They need to push your growth, heal those wounds, trigger you onto your spiritual path without them, which will push you into building a solid foundation for yourself. You need to learn to be ok without your person and to fall in love with yourself from your most inner core. If you are a Divine Feminine you will have carried Masculine energy through your lifetime. This is a coping mechanism you have picked up from youth. The task is to go through the process of unlearning everything you know about yourself. 

It's important to note that usually feminine awakens first, and then masculine follows. It's important not to force the process for yourself or your counterpart. Trust in yourself and spirit is one of the biggest lessons to learn, as is working with the resources you have to hand at this very moment in time, even if they are limited.

Kundalini Awakening

Meeting your twin soul in the physical world this lifetime will spark your spiritual awakening, with the connection causing you to experience kundalini. Kundalini is energy that runs through you from your root chakra (base of spine), up through your sacral chakra (just below the navel), shifting up to your solar plexus (above the navel), pushing through the heart, up to the throat (base of), the third eye (between the eyebrows and up a little) then finally the crown chakra (crown of head). This doesn't happen all at once, it's a gradual process. That first kundalini experience is usually very intense and you'll likely wonder what's going on. Hopefully you've been guided to read up the experience before you experience it! If not, it ranges from person to person, but can be felt as an electrtic charge, convulsive body movements and colours seen through the third eye (the colours a good indication of which chakra point is being reset).


As you go through your healing process you'll likely find that chakras will clear and block, needing to be unblocked again. This is perfectly normal as you will be needing to release many, many years of conditioning from toxic bloodlines. A purification process if you like. 

Push and Pull (Running/Chasing)

Shortly after you first meet you may notice a switch in the dynamic of the connection. My personal experience, and from speaking with my clients, is that early on in the connection your divine masculine will at some point have come forward, or hint at, wanting more of a relationship, or alert you that they feel a connection. You are in the role of wounded feminine, so you get scared, clam up, reject your masculine, all the while deep down so very strongly wishing you had the courage to speak your truth and move forward. This in turn wounds masculine and brings on their 'runner' energy. This rejection has hurt them, and as you are wounded feminine, they become wounded masculine. All of a sudden feminine you are wondering why they have pulled back. You're maybe not even aware that the rejection has hurt them. It's important to remember that this rejection has triggered past life wounds, and those of abandonment and rejection from childhood in this lifetime. You are then forced to move along your own path. As you begin to heal you wake up to the connection, begin to experience telepathic communication with your counterpart, not really knowing if it is real. You may feel like you are obsessing over this person, and after having spoken with friends and family who don't understand the nature of the connection they highlight all the 'bad' qualities in this person and they tell you they are not worthy of you (which to some extent is true as they are in a state of ego, only you see past that to their true self). Move on, forget about them. The truth is, these connections are divinely guided and no matter how much you try to move on, the universe will always draw you back to this person when either one of you need to clear or fulfil another part of your soul contract..

As paert of the healing process, you will release low vibration thoughts, feelings and fears about yourself and your counterpart which will help move you both along. One really helpful tip is the perspective of you being your counterparts subscoinscious mind. Your thoughts about them WILL travel to them and they WILL pick up on these. So even if you're purging and aren't happy about a situatiion that has happened, do some work on why you're feeling this way about the situation, as the painful introspection is likely some boundary you have let down, not something they have done. The connection thrives when in a place of being heartcentred and operating within unconditional love.

Healing Sessions

Being a Divine Feminine on a twin soul journey is incredibly difficult during the early stages and during the period of separation. During the healing phase (or separation), which is by far the most painful aspect. You are not only required to carry yourself, but your masculine too, as they revert back to old habits and get stuck in karmic cycles. This idea that you have to carry them can be dropped, as the only person you are responsible for carrying is yourself. Send them love and healing when you have the energy, but try not to get absorbed in their energy too much. As you begin to remove yourself from your masculine counterpart, you shine brighter as you grow on your own. This forces masculine to see their shadow self which they have been running from. They begin to heal themselves and put an end to old habits and karmic cycles. You see, when you run from masculine, you are running from yourself. When masculine is running from you, they are running from themselves. When both start to work on themselves, for themselves, magic happens!

The ultimate aim of my healing sessions are for you to heal your wounds, break down the toxic bloodlines that you've been cycled in for generations, to find your passions, unlock your true calling, and bring you to a place where you are comfortable to be your true authentic self. Self acceptance. This will in turn balance your energy to help you become the radiant divine being you are born to be. You'll also learn self care and manifestation tips, how moon cycles and planetary movements affect you, and what you need to know for each significant open energy portal.

It's important I highlight that at times these sessions may be triggering and painful. I have no certified medical training or certified counselling experience. My own personal journey saw me having intense weekly therapy sessions for a period of 7 months. Once I was able to heal wounds of this lifetime, I switched my therapy sessions to adhoc readings with a psychic medium to help me with that final push in connecting with Spirit. I had to figure out an awful lot of the journey by myself and found it incredibly confusing. I really could have benefited from sessions like these if I had known they were available! 

An amazing abundant life is waiting for you. The journey starts with you; what are you waiting for? Learn to dance your way through life's ups and downs! For more information click here

Sending love


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