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The chakra balancing set consists of 7 tumble stones designed to help keep your chakra system balanced and aligned:


  • Clear Quartz- Crown chakra alignment. Also cleansing for other stones and your energy points. A crystal that attracts energy and designed for clarity and purification
  • Iolite- Third Eye alignment. It cleanses and promotes visual clairvoyance to assist in the opening and maintenance of connection with the spirit world and your guides
  • Angelite- Throat chakra alignment. A gentle energy inducing stone that promotes clear communication in a heart centred way. Has resonance with the crown chakra also. Great for connection to the angelic realm
  • Aventurine- Heart chakra alignment. A good stone to help with matters of the heart. Healing the relationship with self and others. Promotes positive energy, and a good all round stone for abundance. Helps to aid healing in the matter of relational issues to money. A stone for releasing
  • Citrine- Solar Plexus alignment. A good mood boosting stone that helps  with inducing positive energy and integration with the inner child. Helps promote your "I am" presence to help align you with the present moment. It's an abundant stone that works very well with aventurine and clear quartz, especially when working on business or creative projects


  • Carnelian- Sacral chakra alignment. A good stone to help when creativity and concentration is needed. Helps release some issues around mother wounding from generational trauma, and sexual trauma experienced
  • Red Jasper- Root chakra alignment. A grounding stone that brings stability and confidence. Aids with decision making. 


It's a great set if you're just starting to connect with yourself, as the selected stones are energised to help release, call in and emotionally recalibrate you in a gentle way. Tumble stones are also available to purchase separately


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Chakra Balancing Set

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