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My Spiritual Journey So Far

Updated: May 5, 2022

I often get asked how long I’ve been reading for people and what kind of connection I have with spirit so I thought I’d share some background on how I became a spiritual healer/holistic therapist.

It was during the tail end of 2018, a few months into fertility treatment with my ex-husband, when I first learned about Tarot. Not in the sense of me learning how to read Tarot, but via YouTube. I have no recollection of what I was watching or searching for, but I came across a weekly reading with a lady called Estelle. I was intrigued and loved her beautiful, warm and gentle nature so continued to watch. I found that she was spot on with where I was at in life so tuned in often just to seek that little sanctuary of love and safety that was lacking from around me. As I progressed through 2019, my mental health severely deteriorated. I made some radical life changes. I realised in January 2019 that I wanted to escape my marriage. I attempted an exit two times in September 2019 after many months of difficult deliberation. I realised that my needs were never a consideration, I lacked emotional and physical support during my fertility treatment and pregnancy losses, and I wasn’t free to express myself and be me. I would laugh too hard, I would sing too badly, I would always be too emotional, I would always be too negative, I would never cook a good meal or tidy the flat apparently. After 9 months and two sessions of marriage counselling, in the safe space of my therapist’s office, I called an end to my marriage, making a final decision to leave and not go back on it.

As the months went on, I picked myself up pretty quickly, enjoying my new found freedom. I had no one constantly questioning my every move and thought process, no one to please other than myself. I got back out on the dating scene, having the confidence to do so thanks to a random work night out, giving me the realisation that I wasn’t the one with the issue in the bedroom, and the realisation that I could sexually please someone. I met someone on Tinder a few days later, who became the catalyst for my spiritual awakening, activating my kundalini energy the first night we met and had our first sexual encounter because our shared chakra system was activated.

The first time I realised that I was picking up on someone via my senses was one day in March 2020. I was in a good place, I had a good day considering COVID had just hit and we were under a strict lockdown. All of a sudden I had a pain in my heart and sudden sinking feeling in my stomach, feeling a deep, deep sadness. I knew it wasn’t mine. The guy I was seeing instantly came to mind so I decided to message him to check in on him. I didn’t hear from him for a few days which was very out of character so I gave him a call, which was when I heard the news that someone close to him had passed away. I knew instantly that I had picked up on him, and it made me question the connection between us. Some more instances happened. He would always call me when I was on my bed sobbing, though I wouldn’t answer the calls as I didn’t want him to know I was in that state. Being vulnerable was uncomfortable to me because it was never safe for me to be before. We tried to meet when lockdown restrictions started to lift, and I knew he was unable to make it before he dropped the message or put in the call. I’ve always picked up in his pain and still do, even though we no longer see each other. The more time I spent alone due to lockdown, the more time I had to go within. I was healing from the marriage and trauma I had been through over the last few years. I was undergoing weekly psychotherapy sessions, I was journaling, asking myself questions. The more I connected with these things, the more spiritual experiences I was having. I was curious about all I was receiving and how I was receiving it. I started to have outer body experiences, I was seeing people from my childhood who had passed. I was asking questions about who I was and the truth about my childhood from a time I couldn’t remember. I had received two very important pieces on information about two key things that happened and were hidden from me; one when I was 3 and the other when I was 8. Another situation from more recent, an additional issue that caused some issues in my marriage involving much deception. I confronted a family member about two pieces of information, one of the issues was too painful for me to believe so I pushed it to the back of my mind until recently, when spirit wanted me to address the pain and trauma. This issue was confirmed to me by another clairvoyant who brought the issue up with me, and the second person was a spiritual healer who randomly came into the shop I give readings at. He mentioned to me that my sacral chakra was blocked due to childhood sexual trauma. Without me saying a word about it he picked it up…as us intuitive healers do!

I have struggled to understand myself how I connect with spirit and what I sell myself as. The more confident I’ve become in myself, the more clarity I’ve received on this. I believe I have a direct connection with source as opposed to linking in with a spirit guide, mainly associating with Archangel Michael. I feel, I have this ‘knowing’, I see and I hear. I’m usually always switched on an ready to go, though sometimes have to shut down when experiencing nasty thoughts and ill wishes from others, known as a psychic attack. I pick up on people’s energy immediately and am able to use this to navigate my life and to advise others, knowing when someone is manipulative or when they’re just a little lost or projecting pain.

It’s been a real struggle for me to go through this painful process of completely acknowledging every ounce of pain within. The more I cleared the clutter of my mind, the more my subconscious became conscious. Although it’s been an excruciating process that has caused me to feel suicidal at times, learning to connect with myself and connection with spirit has been the best process I could ever have gone through as it’s caused me emotional freedom, and the confidence to express myself in my true essence. I wanted to extend myself to help other people on their journey. Some people want help deciding what course of action is best to take, some people want help in connecting with themselves spiritually, some people want auric cleansing, some people simply want a listening ear. I have always been that person in the kitchen and hallway at work that people offload on to. I have had many comments from people saying that they find it so easy and comforting to speak with me. Some people, like myself, have gone through life not receiving love and care that they need. For some people, I’m one of the very few people they feel genuine love and warmth from. Because I wanted to dedicated myself to this I gave up my full time accounting job so I could heal the pain of my past, strengthen my spiritual connection and focus on building my business as a holistic therapist and spiritual healer.

I’m feeling proud of myself for taking many bold steps that have not been easy, and for making decisions that don’t make any logical sense but felt right in the heart. I gave up a big material gain to follow my calling, and spirit are making sure I’m being taken care of. I may not have the luxury lifestyle I desire yet, but I have had amazing people come into my life who help me daily with my work, my healing and my mental health. I receive the love from them I was never able to receive from those I should have received it from. If I had the opportunity to live the life I had before or this one, there is no question in me choosing this one, time and time again.

I have built a solid foundation for myself. I have set myself up so that life works for me instead of me working for life. Sure this comes with it’s difficulties as mentioned above, however I don’t have to worry about booking random days off to pamper myself, or to grab lunch with a friend. If I have an off day I don’t have to answer to anyone and if I feel to I can extend my day as long as I like. I can wake up and start the day whenever I want to so long as I don’t have an early client. Having children is far from my mind at this moment in time, but when the time does come I would have set myself up in a way where I work clients around my schedule. I won’t have to worry about rushing on the school run and missing precious moments as they grow.

If you’d like to book in with a sessions with me, WhatsApp or call me on 07305 116900, or email

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